Your Laptop Shuts Down Randomly - Here's Help With Your Problem

Published: 11th March 2011
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Laptops that shut down randomly is a complaint heard often from laptop users. The cause of these random shutdowns is usually caused by one of two problems; both of which are fairly easy to resolve.

Laptop Overheating

The first thing to pay attention to when your laptop randomly shuts down is whether or not it has gotten too hot. Unless you have a very new laptop then it generates a lot of heat and when it overheats it can act in strange and unexpected ways, including shutting down randomly. When your laptop gets too hot, then it will shut down in an attempt to cool off.

Indicators of Laptop Overheating:

The Laptop fans are rotating all the time at maximum speed and sound much louder than usual

The keyboard and especially the bottom of your laptop are very hot when you are using the laptop

When the laptop is in idle mode it is working fine, but as soon as you run an application that requires a lot more memory (image or video editing software, dvd player, etc.) then it shuts down on you before you are ready.

If you are using your laptop from your lap then you may be blocking the airflow from the fans. You may just need to place the laptop on a flat surface which allows the fans underneath to cool properly. This should allow the laptop to cool off and give you a chance to see if overheating is what is causing your laptop to shut down randomly.

The beauty of laptops is being able to sit anywhere and work with them in your lap.

There is a product called a "chill pad" that can help with this problem. I have used one of these with my laptop and not only does it cool down the laptop it helps keep your lap from becoming uncomfortably hot from the heat generated by your laptop.

The chill pad plugs into a USB port on your laptop and some of the newer ones have additional USB ports built into them which expands the number of ports you have available to you when using your laptop.

These cooling pads are very lightweight and very quiet, so using one is almost unnoticeable except that you are cooler, your laptop is cooler and it quits shutting down at random intervals.

A more technical overheating problem might be that the CPU heatsink is clogged with dust and lint. This can sometimes be cleaned by using canned air and blowing it inside the laptop through the openings on the sides and bottom.

Windows Registry

Another big reason that your pc randomly shuts down may be with Windows itself. Windows depends heavily on its "registry database" and when any of those settings are corrupted this can cause Windows to act erratically and eventually shut itself down.

To resolve this problem you will need to use a "registry cleaner" program. This software will scan through the Windows registry and clean and repair the registry for you.

When you install and uninstall software on your laptop registry entries are made and deleted. However, all software applications do not completely clean up all their registry entries when they are uninstalled. Therefore, over time your registry database will get clogged with useless data and temporary files. All these entries can begin to slow down your laptop.

So, when you scan and clean your registry with a registry cleaner then you may not only resolve your problem of your laptop randomly shutting down but it can speed up your laptop as well.

Laptop Shuts Off

In summary, to stop your laptop from shutting down randomly use one of the methods above to eliminate any overheating problems that might exist and then use a "registry cleaner" to resolve and clean up your Windows registry. And don't forget that a nice side effect of cleaning your registry may be that it will also run faster.

Laptop Cool Pads are not very expensive, are very lightweight and can be the solution to your overheating problem.

This site has a popular registry cleaner used by a lot of laptop users: If you need a good registry cleaner check it out.

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