Ways to Store Homemade Chocolate Candy

Published: 21st December 2009
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Who wouldn't want to find out how to store chocolate the right way? Chocolate is perhaps the single most desired food on the face of the planet, enticing people from all parts of the world to have that sinfully delightful bite, that delicious taste of darkness and sweetness, that unmistakable and absolutely irreplaceable chocolaty experience bursting in their mouth.

Knowing how to store chocolate allows one to repeat the delightful experience of eating chocolate again and again because you know there's more where that tasty chocolate treat came from - and that it is kept fresh and rich.

Storing chocolate candy or chocolate fudge by the bulk is easier than it sounds. This heavenly food is not demanding in terms of storage, but there are considerations to be made if one wants the chocolate to keep its original flavor - or even enhance it.

Ideally, chocolates need to be stored in a place that's dry, dark and slightly cool. The perfect environment, to paint a picture, would be that with a temperature of 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. But that's not all. It also has to have low humidity, be out of range from direct sunlight, and must not have any other foods or substances that carry strong odors which could be easily absorbed by the chocolate to be stored in the same area.

What happens if chocolate is not stored properly? Well, there are different answers to this question, depending on what kind of storing as well as handling has been done. For example, when chocolate is exposed on a regular basis to high temperatures, the cocoa butter may rise to the surface, prompting the birth of a rather unpleasant cloudy, gray color. This is called a bloom and can be easily corrected by melting as well as appropriately tempering the chocolate.

Moreover, white chocolate may experience not just a bloom but rancidity when it is left exposed to strong lighting, affecting the chocolate's flavor and the quality.

That is why people who live in tropic areas or who have no air conditioning available to them must keep their chocolates in a freezer, or even just in a refrigerator, so as to avoid melting. This is the easiest way to store gourmet chocolate candy as well as gourmet chocolate fudge.

To freeze chocolate the right way, it must be placed in an airtight container, such as a zip-lock plastic bag, and must not be removed until it is brought to an area that has room temperature. This will prevent condensation from forming anywhere on the chocolate. Water droplets are known to keep chocolates from melting smoothly and, in addition to this, they also affect the texture and overall quality of the melted chocolate.

Chocolate candy makes a great gift for people of all ages, and making gourmet or homemade chocolates is the best way to save money and still give thoughtful presents. To make sure the chocolates one wishes to hand out have that perfect taste and texture, don't forget to store them properly.

I usually make homemade chocolate candy for gift giving at Christmas. It is always well received and allows me to give people that I don't really know that well something that they are likely to like and appreciate. If you would like to have the recipe that I use then view this article: An Easy Chocolate Fudge Candy Gift for all Occasions . I typically place the candy in plastic containers with wax paper sheets between the layers and store in the refrigerator until delivered.

If you would like the idea of giving chocolate candy as a gift but don't have time to make your own then visit: Gourmet Chocolate Candy . If you would like to choose from some nice chocolate gift basket selections check out: Gourmet Chocolate Gifts - Your Place For Chocolate Lovers Gifts.

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